GTM Sales Ltd are proud to represent exclusively some of Europes most famous Textile Machinery manufacturers, for the UK and Irish Markets. You can click on the company name to link directly to their Web Site.

Orion automatic winders : Geminis two for one twisters : Volufil high bulk machines : FRS open end spinning
Stretch Breakers for long staple : Rebreaking machines : High speed gills : High speed rubbed rovers : Single and double drive spinning machines
Fine worsted gills : Rectilinear Combs :Vertical rubbed rovers : Flyer rovers Preparation for semi worsted
High speed specialised carding machines for Worsted : Woollen and Non Woven
Fully automatic bump and bale presses : Fully automated robotic systems for all movement and links in a mill : Automated packing stations
Specialist twisting machines and combination twisters for technical yarns Hollow spindle and fancy yarn twisters : Bottle bobbin winders

Precision winding machines for Glass Fibre : Tape winders : Air entangling Thermo fixing : Precision winders for all standard or difficult applications
Radio frequency dryers for all textile and food processing
Laboratory or small lot dyeing and drying machines for yarn, fibre and cloth
Plastic yarn carriers, spinning tubes, cones, tubes. Plastic accessories for spinning frames including pneumafil tubes, doffing grippers, pegs etc.
Overhead travelling cleaners for all machines. Rotational ceiling cleaners
World famous Polivel Picker waste cleaning guns. Spindle tapes and aprons